Friday, August 7, 2015

Jeremy Draws a Monster
By Peter McCarty

Jeremy’s too shy to make friends. He’s clever, though and draws one. Unfortunately, who happens to be a monster. Unfortunately, Jeremy discovers that a monster does what a monster wants to do. He orders Jeremy around and is a thoroughly disagreeable guest. Fortunately, Jeremy is clever. Does a drawing of a bus ticket and suitcase tell you how the story ends?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Books can be funny, but make my stomach hurt from laughing? Not too many do that. But, I just found one. Mr.Puffball, even as a kitten, knows his destiny is to be a Hollywood Star. He makes his way to Hollywood and suffers disappointment and despair. But, with the help from Hollywood veterans he makes his way first as an extra, then as a stunt cat and then as an understudy. Will Mr. P “break a leg?”  Not yet. More ridiculously funny mishaps await him.  It’s aimed at the kids’ market, but the sly humor tickles grownups, too. The line drawings add extra giggles as you read. A great pick for reluctant readers.
Some picture books can be face-timed across country. Some can’t. The artwork is so detailed, so compelling, that you must read it close up. It’s a lap book.
Why Dogs have Wet Noses by Kenneth Steven and illustrated by Oywind Torsetter is one.
Noah’s ark sails through seas until a chestnut size hole appears in its side. What to do? Luckily, Noah‘s dog has a big black nose, the perfect size for plugging a leak. Close up and personal, you see animal antics in the background that make reading it a delight.